I asked you to leave me alone
It was 2 am
we were crying on the phone
I told you, you were sick to the bone.
You said you would haunt me
“Please do try, sir”
I laughed bitterly
Oh dear melancholy!
“I will haunt the ground
you walk on, and sky
and all you see, and all your sound
by lust and hate we are bound”

“I’ll erase you in no time
from my heart and my mind”
But he kept his promise
I couldn’t keep mine


Things that don’t make any sense

All the men in the world could give every last drop of blood to paint my feet with and I would still run back to you with all my strength.
All the sunshine beaches in the world could be right outside my doorstep and I would still crave to be entrapped in your ice cold gaze.
All the intellectual elite of the world could gather to stimulate my mind and I would still crave for the sound of sweet nothings you whisper in my ear.
God could send me to the highest of his heavens with all the tranquility of the seven skies and all the riches of seven earths and I would still pray to Him to place me in flames and eternal misery of hell if that meant being by your side.