Winter Blues

There is something about the way sun sets a little earlier, twilight lingers a little duskier before darkness prevails and night stays longer, the way pretty green leaves fall down, turn pale and crumble under our feet, the way trees abandon their attires shamelessly and symbolize loneliness and vulnerability- something that’s unsettling, something that makes me sad without a reason. I find it hard to celebrate the winters like others do. I don’t feel like chiming in in Christmas carols. I can’t romanticize hot chocolate and over-sized hoodies. Winter is horribly depressing for me.
Or may be, just may be, the cold reminds me of your hands that were always cold as ice and the realization hits me that no matter how cold it gets you’ll never hold my hands to warm yours up.
May be that’s what my winter blues are about; YOU. Just like everything else in my life.