Parts of you…

I’m waiting for a day. One wretched day when I will finally close my eyes and not see your face. When I will listen to a song, it will not drag me down memory lane to throw me at your doorstep. When I will go to bed at night not having to deal with the ghost of your memories. When the left side of my bed will not prick my soul reminding me of your cold absence. When I will be able to enjoy a beautiful sunset without having to think of your light brown eyes. When I’ll wake up in the middle of night and my ears won’t crave the sound of your sleepy voice telling me to go back to sleep. When every tear I shed will not have your name etched in it in bold letters. When the words I write will be more than mere reflections of you. When the sighs that escape my lips will be more than echoes of me silently screaming your name. When my soul will be cleansed of all parts of you. 

But will it really be my soul if you weren’t to be a part of it? Would there possibly ever be a ‘me’ without ‘you’? 


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