I look at the sky and see the blue
soothing, delectable, calming on the eye
Of Holy presence it gives a clue
Still, its not the color for you and I

I lay on the grass lush, fruity green
covering the earth below a blue sky
what a pleasing, wonderful scene
Still, no green charms my eye

Startling seven colors projected on the sky above
birds, trees, and all creatures seem to love His art show
the vibrant and gleeful colors of a rainbow
Not able to cherish my heart though
“Black is the color for you”, they say
I shake my head “colors are not for me perhaps”

But then you held my fragile hand
All the hue in the world seemed to fade
The tan of your skin against the milky tinge of mine
This touch, this sight is so divine
I have found my dearest hue
Right here in intertwined hands with you.


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