Wounded horses

I remember when I was a kid, my dad and I passed a military horse farm on a road trip. “When a horse gets injured or too old to walk, they shoot him so it would not have to suffer or be a burden”, daddy told me. I found that heart-breakingly brutal, back then. It’s a pity those beautiful creatures had to die that way.

Today, seeing how things are turning out for you and I, I perceive there’s only one solution. We have to kill the relationship to save it the misery, to save ourselves the burden of lies and halfhearted promises. It may seem agonizing but it’s brutally merciful to us. Just like daddy said, “it’s better to kill the horse than dragging it while it’s drenched in suffering.” Our relationship is a wounded horse now, just barely alive enough to breathe. We have to euthanize our relationship in order to spare our dear hearts the ordeal.


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