I looked for you
Every place serene and true
I longed for you
to witness, not with eyes of mine
but feel what can’t be seen
I searched for the light in the skies
in the holy chapels and shrines
in mosques, temples, oracle of God
I abandoned all what was mine;
in your quest with trembling limbs
I drifted your Earth;
Scanning dust, parched my skin
Of the black abode you’re said to live in
Devastated to not find you there
Not even in the bells of temple
Nor on the cross of church
Not in Quran, not Bible
Neither Mecca nor Jerusalem
Dejected, in doubt, I looked within
Finally found you in my heart’s humdrum


What is your God like?

It baffles me how people use God as a tool to instill fear and guilt in human minds. God is love. God is mercy. God is compassion. He’s not your secondary school headmaster with a club in his hand to strike children to keep them in order. I would much rather think of Him as a mother who overlooks all her child’s shenanigans and deviousness and keeps showering him with affection in spite of the fact that the child is often negligent towards her. We, being the spoiled and unscrupulous children that we are, defy him, disobey him, disregard him, infuriate him but at the end of the day we come running under the shade of His loving affection because we know He’s the only One who loves us beyond any measures and despite all our imperfections. Just like a mother. Oh, but that’s not it. Multiply a mother’s love by seventy, yes, and that’s how much He loves you. Even more so. Then how, I wonder, did our minds get impregnated with the idea that He is just a Being to scare children into staying in order? Even more strange is the fact that we think there’s a separate God for each religion. If you follow a particular religion and you think you have a monopoly over God then, my dear, you’re terribly mistaken. He’s as much yours as he is of a Christian, a Buddhist, a Jew or a Hindu. It doesn’t affect Him whether you call him Bhagwan, God, Khuda or Eeshwar as long as you keep calling.
Its funny how we all have the same God but we all see him so differently. My God is love, sheer love and compassion. What is your God like?


You are what I comprehend,
As love, life, and elation that never end.
Abhorrent and devious, I am to the core
You give me fortunes, I still want more
I don’t remember you in my waking nights
My eyes are blinded by glint and lights
Too dazzled to peek in my own inside
My heart, where you, in all your glory, reside.
Still I stumble back to you after all my shenanigans
Because no matter how profound be my sins
Shan’t escape the bounds of your clemency
The Almighty, I’m at your loving mercy.