I have a gash in my skin
It bleeds life out of me
With time, wound starts to fill in
-wound from my devastating decision
A scab forms on incision
eventually it begins to heal
the pain no more feels real
But I get an urge to peel
the scab off because it itches
Old memories and wounds-
Ah! quite some bitches
Yet I perceive I crave the pain
Why do I not let the cut recover?
Because agony reminds; once I had you
Then you slipped away
like the sun, when it sees the moon
This desire burns me, to see you soon
I keep peeling the skin off and savor the anguish
Scratch the scab knowing it would bleed
This agonizing pain is what I need
For you are the wound and I cant let you alleviate
Can’t let myself recover from you
You’re my catastrophe, still my soul-mate


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