As I close my knackered eyes
On the pillow my head lies
A dark pit swallows me in
Demons dance around in disguise
baleful and ruthless
The world starts to crumble
Shadows take over the skies
Chased and tormented, I run
For my blood, the hunt’s begun
No one to help nowhere to turn
Forlorn and abject
I watch my world burn
Horrendous faces, fiends and ghouls
Ready to prey my wretched soul
I trip and fall,
I scream I crawl
Desperate to find a way out of the misery
Dejection takes over my gall
I am about to take a fall
My eyes flutter open, I pant
Under my breath, a pray I chant
Terror above my head twirled and swirled
Then I came back to the waking world
The monsters inside my head went to sleep
One night’s tale for me? no its not.
In my nightmares I’m always the sheep
Tormented and tortured,
agonized and slaughtered
The days pass, the night prevails
I’m reminded of past night’s tales
“It’s late, honey. Why don’t you go to bed?”
“But mother! I’m scared of whats inside my head.”


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