Prisoners of routine

I have been meaning to post something on this pathetic excuse of a blog of mine for quite some time, now. I have had a lot of things on my mind lately which I wanted to transcribe in words and I had all the spare time on my hand to do so but I happen to be an extremely lazy person. And opening the blog and putting my thoughts into words seems like a lot of work. Typical lethargic behavior, I tell you.
Today, it got me thinking how we always think about doing and accomplishing so much in our lives ranging from say learning a new language to travelling to a dream destination. And we keep telling ourselves that we’d do it “when I’m done with this project”, “When I earn enough money” or “when I get the time” but in reality, we never get the time. We are prisoners of routine, doomed to repeat the exact same patterns every day until the day we die. We are stuck in a monotonous practice of surviving which we have the audacity to call “life”. We are too lethargic to actually get up and do what our heart wants but we can dream about it all life long and live on the hope that one day we would somehow find the energy and motivation to do what we have always wanted to do. Why not find that energy and motivation today? Instead of dwelling on the idea of future, start living in present. And by “living” I don’t mean breathing and repeating the same course of action in hopes of a different tomorrow, everyday for a lifetime.


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