I lay awake gazing at stars,
He lays beside me, touches my scars.
The scars on my wrist dont heal with his touch,
He closes his eyes
says its too much,
My scars make him hate himself, he says
I smile and nod but my heart is ablaze
He makes me hate himself too
Hate? Love? Its the same with him, cares who
Trying to heal me with love n affection,
Who’s he fooling he’s the real assassin
With a blade carved his name on my heart
Said I was God’s finest work of art
Then he sends A dart through my heart,
It bleeds.
“my mistake, its in the past”
He pleads.
He apologizes and plays his part
I smile
Can’t stand to stay apart
So once again we stick right back together
Missing pieces of puzzle we complete each other.
We put each other through hell
Being with you is like drowning in a well
But I wouldn’t trade this well for an ocean
Will never leave this hell for heaven.
Inside my heart a knife twists,
He don’t heal the scars on my wrist,
But he has my heart in his fist,
He kisses my eyes and lifts the mist
Wishes to soothe my scars, my pain he feels,
Silly love, don’t you see the ones on my soul you heal.


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