As I close my knackered eyes
On the pillow my head lies
A dark pit swallows me in
Demons dance around in disguise
baleful and ruthless
The world starts to crumble
Shadows take over the skies
Chased and tormented, I run
For my blood, the hunt’s begun
No one to help nowhere to turn
Forlorn and abject
I watch my world burn
Horrendous faces, fiends and ghouls
Ready to prey my wretched soul
I trip and fall,
I scream I crawl
Desperate to find a way out of the misery
Dejection takes over my gall
I am about to take a fall
My eyes flutter open, I pant
Under my breath, a pray I chant
Terror above my head twirled and swirled
Then I came back to the waking world
The monsters inside my head went to sleep
One night’s tale for me? no its not.
In my nightmares I’m always the sheep
Tormented and tortured,
agonized and slaughtered
The days pass, the night prevails
I’m reminded of past night’s tales
“It’s late, honey. Why don’t you go to bed?”
“But mother! I’m scared of whats inside my head.”


24 Dudes Share The Red Flags They Use To Identify “Crazy” Girls

Thought Catalog

Compiled from AskReddit. My own red flag? A few years ago I heard someone say that anyone that drives an open top Jeep is a crazy person — and could confirm it’s true since my sister drove one at the time and she is legitimately (and proudly) a crazy person. Read a companion article, 31 Women Share The Red Flags To Identify “Crazy” Men, here.


She’s a victim

If she plays the victim constantly, too well, she isn’t the victim.

“Everyone is against me” is a fucking great way to tell if a bitch is crazy

“I hate drama.”

“I don’t cause the drama but it always seems to find me”


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None of her kids have the same last name.

Girls who love horses

women who are crazy about horses are essentially rich cat ladies.

“I’m not like other girls.”

If she throws…

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I keep wishing for it to snow,
Never admired the sun’s glow
Inhabitant of a scorching desert, fate would have it so,
Inside my soul its freezing cold tho.
Fascinated by night,
Driven to plight,
Sleep through the days
I’m repelled by the light
Something changes,
Stolen glances,
The ice slab in my chest unfreezes
What, in God’s name, are the chances?
Girl with icy soul melts under your gaze
My world is ablaze
You cast sly eyes over me, fixating
Those blue seas, captivating
I lose my breath, its suffocating
You look away, I stand there waiting
Cold weather, cold coffee and now a cold man,
My love for winters has an infinite span.

High heels, nice dress
Glitz & glam, no stress
Look at her and you’ll know
What its like to have God’s bless
She treads on rose beds, they say
Has all for what one could ever pray,
She’s living through a never ending day,
But knows nobody she’s in love with the moon,
She may smile and play, carries in heart a typhoon
Behind the illusion of perfection,
A thousand wounds are hidden,
She paints her scars with a make up brush
In mascara filled eyes tears always rush
A smile adorns her face
But the soul has an ever vacant space
Always feels out of place
Darkness holds her in its cold embrace
“You have everything not a single plight in sight”
“Then why can I ever not fall asleep at night?”


Flames all around
I crash on the ground
There come blood-thirsty hounds
To suck my blood dry
I strive to make a cry
Knowing no one will hear
Why even try
Stuck in the labyrinth
Desperate to liberate
Losing my breath
I suffocate
But thread of life still intact
If only
you had the heart to sever it
For when the agony is unendurable
Death is freedom
this life I can no longer withstand
a death at your hand
is the best way to go
Can you not let life torment me slow?
For the sake of love we share
Let me die in your loving care
For the sake of the love we share
Be a stronger man
Take my breath before The Grim Reaper can

Prisoners of routine

I have been meaning to post something on this pathetic excuse of a blog of mine for quite some time, now. I have had a lot of things on my mind lately which I wanted to transcribe in words and I had all the spare time on my hand to do so but I happen to be an extremely lazy person. And opening the blog and putting my thoughts into words seems like a lot of work. Typical lethargic behavior, I tell you.
Today, it got me thinking how we always think about doing and accomplishing so much in our lives ranging from say learning a new language to travelling to a dream destination. And we keep telling ourselves that we’d do it “when I’m done with this project”, “When I earn enough money” or “when I get the time” but in reality, we never get the time. We are prisoners of routine, doomed to repeat the exact same patterns every day until the day we die. We are stuck in a monotonous practice of surviving which we have the audacity to call “life”. We are too lethargic to actually get up and do what our heart wants but we can dream about it all life long and live on the hope that one day we would somehow find the energy and motivation to do what we have always wanted to do. Why not find that energy and motivation today? Instead of dwelling on the idea of future, start living in present. And by “living” I don’t mean breathing and repeating the same course of action in hopes of a different tomorrow, everyday for a lifetime.