A random love story I wrote.

I stroll alone in the park. Right in front of our house. Mine and his. He will be here anytime now. I think of the first time we met. I remember walking into the classroom for first time and he was just standing there in a blue jeans and white shirt, bullying some freshmen. I was very nervous and scared of the seniors who were mercilessly ragging us and he was one of them. He seemed terribly aloof but awfully attractive. There’s no chance he’ll ever notice me”, I thought. After that moment, I couldn’t concentrate on anything but that cold guy with warm eyes. Little did I know that this guy was going to capture all of my heart, mind and soul for the rest of my life. It took him a year to confess that he fell for the fragile, beautiful girl who walked into that classroom that day at first sight. He brought me in that beautiful house right across the road after getting married. But it has been 4 years since I’ve been down here. I never came back after the day I left. Not that I didn’t want to. God, I’d have given anything to come back to him. Even for one day only. But I can’t. Today, is an exception. I had to come see him. I knew he would come here today. He has been diagnosed with liver cancer. Probably, its because of me. He started smoking and consuming alcohol after I left. Understandable. How could he bear the pain of losing the only person who he loved more than life itself. My train of thoughts is stopped when I see him slowly walking through the gates. He’s here. He stops under the willow tree where I’m standing. He’s wearing a grey suit and a blue tie. Its the tie I gave him on our 1st anniversary. He looks sick and pale. A look at his face and I can tell that he is in pain. If I could take all his sufferings and agony, I would. I would die a thousand painful deaths to see him healthy and happy again. He stands right in front of me, staring emptily in space. I know what he’s thinking. It’s the exact same spot where his wife died when a terrorist shot her out of nowhere. The place where I took my last breaths in my husband’s arms 4 years ago. I wish I could touch that tormented yet beautiful face but I can’t. I have to go. I can’t stay down for long it upsets the system of heavens above. Before going, I whisper, “I wish you hadn’t destroyed your liver but a sick, twisted part of me is glad that you did because you will soon be with me now. We shall be together in the skies. For eternity.”


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