Romanticizing melancholy.

There’s always going to be nights when you go from being perfectly happy to achingly sad in no time, for no apparent reason. The gloominess spreads over you like a creeper and when you try to trace it to its root -you better not- but when you do, you find this one ghost who you have tried desperately to bury somewhere deep inside that dark, twisted mind of yours but somehow it manages to find his way back up, crawls all the way down from memory lane, staring you right in the face, laughing at you for thinking you’d get rid of him. I engulfs you completely leaving you unable to think of a single thing that could possibly bring a smile on your face. The darkness creeps on the walls of your mind slowly and ultimately you give in to the melancholy. Those are the nights when you realize that this ghost will haunt you forever. It will chase you to the grave because it is not your house or school or an deserted mansion where it resides, it is living in your head, your heart, runs through your veins. Deep down you know that you like having it there. You wouldn’t trade it for anything. It is your ghost. The ghost of your first love, a broken dream, a loved one who gave up on you, a loved one who you gave up on, a parents’ hope that you crushed, someone who you long to be with but can’t.
So next time, the nights go uneasily gloomy and you feel unnecessarily dejected all of a sudden, know that it is the ghosts who are messing with you. They’ll do that every once in a while and there isn’t anything you could do about it except to play along with them. Play some sad, sad music, sing along, eat large tubs of icecream, write stuff and just wait for it to pass.
If we can’t beat the sadness, lets romanticize it. 😉


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