problems good-looking faces face

“You are so pretty, life must come easy for you.” Ever heard this statement? Well, that is not totally true. We can not argue on “perks of being pretty”, no but lets see the other side of the coin as well: “cons of being pretty.” You don’t believe this is a thing? Think again!
1. Getting judged for your looks only:
You are an attractive person and everyone notices you? Great! But all they notice is YOUR LOOKS. No one ever really cares to get to know the person that is behind the beautiful face. No one ever really cares about how kind of a heart or how brilliant a mind you might have because your looks is what dazzles them. It’s not really that great to look so good that it outshines your soul. Is it?
2. You’re always being pursued:
Oh, you think that’s an advantage? Does it not get confusing? When there’s a number of people chasing you and claiming to be in love with you, how do you find “the one true love”?
3. Where are genuine people?:
Have you ever noticed that all the people who chase you are only attracted by your looks? For all they care, yo could be an ax murderer as long as you’re pretty. They are mostly shallow, immature folks who believe everything that glitters is gold. We don’t want that shallow of a person, now. Do we?
4. Being hated on:
It is human nature to hate what he can not get/be. God has blessed you with a gift, God’s creations will start hating you for it. We all know how the most beautiful girls are labeled as bitches.
5. Unwanted attention:
There’s always a large number of perverts where there is a pretty face. You might even come across a couple of obsessed stalkers too every now and then.
6. People spoil you:
I know how we have this stereotype that good-looking people are always stuck-up and mean. Well, there’s a reason they’re this way. People make them this way. You get treated like a star wherever you go, its bound to change your behavior and it will stir up a tinge of vanity in even the humblest person. You eventually end up turning into a conceited snob


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