Boycott Israeli products.

After the Palestine massacre by the Zionists, every person who happens to be a human as well, has felt the pain for the Muslims of Gaza. No matter how powerless we are, we still try to do at least something to help the ones in turmoil even if its just to say a prayer. I, being the extra-sensitive human being that I am, have been thinking my brain dry, trying to come up with a way to actually do something for the innocent Muslims in Gaza. But it was not until later this afternoon that I actually decided to do something. We were having lunch and I was sipping coke as we discussed the situation in Palestine, when suddenly my daddy says to me: “Wese jitni coke ap peetay hain bacha, is kay paise se tou at least 1,2 missiles tou gira hi diye hon gey Israel ne Gaza pe.” Daddy said it in his normal, light tone but those words hit me right in the heart. This reality hit me that I am helping Zionism by consuming their products. I am helping them kill and cripple innocent people and bomb schools and hospitals. We all are. I know you probably don’t like hearing it but this, my dear, is the ugly truth. We make Israel financially stronger so that they could bomb innocents, no matter how much we hate it.
If you’re someone who’s even the least bit acquainted with me, you probably know that how much of a coke addict I am. (Coca-cola that is, not the powdered coke lol). But today, I promised myself not to drink coke or buy any Israeli product for that matter, again. I can survive without my favorite softdrink and make-up brands but I can not live knowing that somehow, I am helping those brutal Isralelis in killing people. If Ayesha Gardezi can quit coke, you can too. You have to if you’re NOT okay with having innocent blood on your hands. You’re not. Right? Don’t help Israel in shedding the blood of innocent and unarmed Palestinians, for humanity’s sake. Boycott Israeli products, weaken their economy, don’t pay for the missiles that kill infants, women and unarmed men. That’s the least we can do.


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